Dear all, our trial for delivery service is over and delivery is no longer provided. Thank you for your support!



Lao Si Chuan Restaurant 


  • Cold Dishes-Lao Si Chuan Restaurant
  • Soups-Lao Si Chuan Restaurant
  • Specialties-Lao Si Chuan Restaurant
  • Tofu Vegetable-Lao Si Chuan Restaurant


Address:249 Outram Road Singapore 169048
Tel:6222 9489
Restaurant opens:10:00 am-22:00pm

 Trial Period is from 25th Sep 2012 to 25th Oct 2012

During the trial period, we will offer online ordering & delivery services only to the following locations:

pick up location 1: GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab 7 or Fab 2 Main Lobby 
Pick up location 2: Micron Main dock or Tech bus stop (Bus 925 961 960)    》more